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Safe Dehumidifier Rod 18" for 120 cubic feet

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Keep your valuables safe with PEET’s Safe Dehumidifier Rod. It silently eliminates moisture and controls humidity, protecting your guns, coins and jewelry from rust and corrosion. Choose the 24” rod for safes up to 200 cubic feet or the 18” rod for safes up to 120 cubic feet. The included plug comes detached so it can be run through your safe’s power access hole.

PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES: The Safe Dehumidifier Rod eliminates moisture and controls humidity in your safe; Helps protect guns, coins, jewelry and more

UP TO 120 OR 200 CUBIC FEET: Choose between the 24” and 18” rods to fit your safe; The 24” rod works for safes up to 200 cubic feet while the 18” rod works for safes up to 120 cubic feet

WORKS SILENTLY: No loud fans or noises; The Safe Dehumidifier Rod works silently, protecting your valuables 24/7 without a sound

EASY TO INSTALL: Comes with a separate plug and simple instructions so you can quickly and easily install it in your safe; Meets all ETL (Electrical Testing Labs) safety standards

5-YEAR WARRANTY: Our product are designed to last and we’re confident that your PEET Dryer will exceed expectations for years to come; Register your product within 10 days of purchase