Become a dealer

Why become a PEET dealer?

1. Because everybody needs a PEET Dryer (or 2). Just about everybody will benefit from using a PEET Dryer, so it might as well be you they buy from. PEET Dryers not only take care of Mother Nature’s wet side, but they also deal with perspiration wetness from the inside. In the process, PEET Dryers eliminate odor and prolong the life of the products they dry. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus, once they’ve experienced PEET Dry, your customers are going to want it wherever they go. In addition to our home models, you can sell Go! PEET and Propane PEET.

2. We’re the original, authentic dryer. Gene Peet invented the dryer in 1968 and we’ve been drying all sorts of footwear and gear ever since. Our legendary performance is backed by a legion of brand-loyal users — over 3 million PEET Dryers have been sold. We are grateful for all the wherewithal 40 years of experience brings, because there’s a lot more drying still to do. Think of the millions more that should be starting their day out right in “PEET DRY” comfort!

3. We stand behind everything we sell, better than anybody. PEET is known for having the very best product warranty in the business. You can only offer this kind of assurance if your product can live up to it. Ours does and has been doing so for longer than anybody else’s.

4. Our customer service is honest in word and deed. Many companies pay lip service, saying that they have good customer service. To us, customer service isn’t good until you’re actually performing it. We deliver on that, so we’re very easy to deal with. In fact, we respect true customer service so much around here, we don’t believe that there’s anybody better than us at doing it.

5. We deliver as promised. You can’t sell what you don’t have. We just don’t let retailers down when it comes to delivering their orders on time, when they want and need them. We have a record of consistency to prove it.

6. We perform. Actually, we exceed expectations. The PEET Dryer does what it says it will do and then some. PEET Dry effectively delivers on its promise to eliminate wetness, perspiration and odor. By the way, the “and then some” is what true value is really all about to us.

7. We make retailers money. There’s no fickle, fashion “trendiness” that causes major markdowns. PEET Dryers are reliable money-makers for retailers, year-in-and-year out. Plus, you can make even more money offering DryPorts and Extension accessories. The smartest retailers use PEET Dryers for profit, 12 months a year. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all have their wetness — plus humans perspire year-round. Wetness isn’t seasonal and neither is PEET profitability!

PEET advantages for dealers!

Those of you who are already PEET Dealers are being rewarded for your loyalty. We’re busy doing more to help our Dealers make more of their PEET Dry connection. We are striving to make the world drier with:
1. Exciting new products that dry more things in more places.
2. Expanding PEET DryPort accessories to achieve PEET Dry from head to toe.
3. The all-new PEET packaging.
4. The all-new PEET website.

How do I become a PEET dealer?

It’s simple! Call us at 1-800-222-PEET (7338).