Power Duo: PEET Ultra Dryer and PEET D’Odoriz’r Module

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What's more important: dry comfort or odor elimination? How about both? In this special combo pack, you receive the Ultra Dryer, the D’Odoriz’r Module (in new packaging with a wall plug and a new 12-volt plug) and a pair of replacement ozone emitters for the D’Odoriz’r Module, all for one low price.

The PEET Ultra Dryer and Deodorizer properly dries all kinds of footwear. At the same time, ozone science kills odor-causing bacteria and destroys infectious germs that cause skin irritations, like athlete's foot. The PEET D’Odoriz’r Module uses science to eliminate bacteria that cause odor, infectious germs and mold and mildew. It sanitizes without chemicals. It takes regular oxygen molecules and gives them an electrical charge that temporarily creates ozone molecules. The ozone molecules attack odor and infectious molecules and destroy them by altering their chemical makeup. It then reverts back to regular oxygen molecules.

This product is designed to be used on 110-120V. If used on 220V or used with a converter to reduce voltage to 110-120V, PEET is not responsible for performance of the dryer or the damage of any garments when used this way.