Why do I need a PEET Dryer?
There are three major benefits from use of the PEET® Dryer:
  • Makes you more comfortable: Whether your footwear gets wet because of Mother Nature’s whims or because humans happen to perspire, damp footwear or gear is just plain uncomfortable. Wet footwear has been proven to promote painful blisters and offers a habitat to contaminants such as bacteria and fungus that can cause skin irritations like athlete’s foot. By removing moisture, the PEET Dryer makes your footwear and gear more comfortable. By eliminating contaminants as well, the PEET Dryer provides a healthier, more comfortable environment for your skin.
  • Makes your footwear and gear last longer: The PEET Dryer eradicates contaminants like mold and mildew that flourish in damp environments and can prematurely deteriorate materials. Prompt and proper drying with the safe-for-all-materials PEET Dryer helps maintain the “like new” look and feel and prolongs the life of your valuable footwear and gear, ultimately saving you money.
  • Makes you less unpopular: By effectively removing wet and sweat, and the odor-causing bacteria and other contaminants that accompany them, a PEET Dryer in your life means that neither you nor your loved ones and friends needs to be subjected to stinky footwear anymore. We can’t help make you more popular, but we can promise that with regular use of the PEET Dryer, your footwear and gear will smell so much better that you won’t lose any friends because of it.

How does the PEET Dryer work?
The Original, Propane and Multi PEET® Dryers draw room temperature air in through vents in the base. The air is gently warmed, just enough to engage natural thermal convection to cause it to rise up through the AirChambers and into the PEET DryPorts™. The DryPorts are designed to thoroughly circulate the air, safely and silently removing wet, sweat and odor, while you sleep. The Advantage PEET® Dryer allows you to dry with room temperature air, if you prefer, and also offers the option of adding whisper-quiet, fan-assisted PEET® Power to the thermal convection process, to reduce drying times.  The Go! PEET® Dryer, with PEET® UV, employs ultraviolet (UV) light technology to neutralize odor-causing contaminants, as well.

What’s the best way to use the PEET Dryer?
For starters, use it all the time. Mother Nature’s wetness isn’t the only thing that needs drying. Perspiration and its odor causing bacteria should be dried every day to maximize your comfort, prolong the life of your footwear and gear, and to eliminate odor.
Use the PEET Dryer as your “docking station.” You can leave it plugged in all the time. Our fan-assisted products are timer equipped. As soon as you remove your footwear or gear, simply place it on the PEET DryPorts. Wake up to the PEET Dry experience. It’s a superb way to start your day.

How long will it take the PEET Dryer to dry my footwear or gear?
Drying time will vary depending on the material and saturation level. PEET Dryers allow products to dry at a rate that won’t damage them. There’s no sense drying super-fast when the end result will be hurtful to your footwear or gear.

How do I know my PEET Dryer is on?
Most PEET Dryers work silently. Plug in your dryer and wait 15-20 minutes. Wrap your hands around the middle of the tubes and they should feel warm to the touch. There will be no blowing air or noise. The amount of warm air that comes from the dryer is very subtle. The Advantage PEET Dryer comes with a timer and will only turn on when the dial is turned to a certain amount of time to dry.

Can I dry things other than footwear on PEET Dryers?
Certainly. PEET Dryers come standard with their patented Footwear DryPorts, but we offer our patented Glove DryPorts for all types of handwear, and the patent-pending Helmet DryPort for protective headgear. Always use appropriate PEET DryPort attachments. (See next Q&A for details).

Do I really need special PEET Dryer attachments?
Yes, to achieve the best results, you do. Air must be channeled and directed to flow consistently throughout the article to effectively remove wet, sweat and bacteria. Unlike other dryers that just blow air through generic tubes, PEET DryPorts direct and properly channel the air consistently throughout whatever article is being dried.
Important Note: Always use the appropriate PEET DryPort attachments for the type of gear you are drying and use the correct PEET AirChamber Extensions as directed. (There must be at least 6 inches of clearance between the top of the footwear and the base of the dryer.) If these accessories are not available from the retailer where you purchased your PEET Dryer, you can order PEET DryPorts and PEET Extensions online. Failing to follow these directions may cause your dryer to overheat, resulting in damage to the dryer and/or your footwear or other gear. Failing to follow these directions will void your warranty.

Can you dry taller footwear like knee boots, hip boots and chest waders?
Yes, the Wader PEET Dryer model is the answer. You can also purchase PEET Extensions that can easily be added to other PEET Dryer models (e.g. Original, Propane) to dry and remove odors from such footwear.

Is the PEET Dryer safe?
The PEET Dryer is safe any way you look at it…
Household safe. UL listings and CSA certifications ensure safe operation when our products are used as intended.
Family safe. Utilizing natural thermal convection, PEET Dryers do not get hot-to-the-touch, so they do not pose a hazard to children (or pets for that matter).
Material safe. Natural thermal convection and the other technologies upon which PEET Dryer functionality is based will not damage your footwear or gear, and are safe for all kinds of materials such as leather, canvas, rubber, PVC, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, neoprene and micro fabrics. PEET Dry extends the life of the most technologically advanced waterproof membranes as it gently removes the wetness and perspiration that can cause these expensive materials to deteriorate.

Will the PEET Dryer increase my electric bill?
Hardly. The PEET Dryer is an extremely energy-efficient product. The Original PEET® Dryer uses less electricity than a low wattage household light bulb (36 watts). Visit our Product section to learn the wattage use of each PEET Dryer product.