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Power Cell PEET® Dryer

Portable Footwear Dryer and Warmer.  Removes wet and sweat from all types of footwear.

Power Cell PEET® Dryer Benefits:

  • The PEET Power Cell Travels everywhere and dries and warms all types of footwear.
  • Eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
  • Removes contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials
  • Extends the life of footwear and gear
  • Is ideal for all types of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics
  • Safe silent operation

Model No.: M08
Warranty: 2 years [Click to learn more…]
Power: 12 watts, 110-120 volt U.S. household current
Made in China



Want to eradicate contaminants in more footwear and gear?

If you appreciate the PEET® UV technology you get with your Go! PEET Dryer, then you’ll be interested in learning about how PEET® Pure ionization technology — built into the Advantage PEET® Dryer — can eradicate bacteria and a variety of odor-causing contaminants from your footwear and other gear at home..
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